school uniform list

A high standard of personal appearance is expected at all times by our pupils at Longridge High School. If a child is not in the correct uniform, parents should inform school immediately. There will be a sanction if your child is not in the correct uniform without a good reason. Correct uniform must be worn at all times.
Our uniform and P.E. kit can be purchased from:
Mary Francis 59 Derby Road, Longridge, PR3 3JT, Tel: 01772 784272  – (click for website)
Smart Uniform 54 Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 1DD, Tel: 01772 200842  – (click for website)


Trutex: navy with integrated school badge 
Navy Blue V-neck with school badge
White long or short sleeved
School tie – Navy with silver stripe DS103
Charcoal grey (Trutex: code TLT)


Trutex: navy with integrated school badge
Navy Blue V-neck with school badge
White long or short sleeved
School tie – Navy with silver stripe DS103
Charcoal grey (Trutex: code TLT)
Kilnsey Tartan Pleated Kilt JX30358
Black knee length socks or black tights

School Footwear

Shoes: Black (boots/trainers/canvas footwear are not permitted)

School shoes should be black and sturdy enough for regular wear. Boots, trainers, fabric and canvas pumps are not allowed. Black sports/trainer style shoes are not acceptable.

Pupils wearing incorrect footwear (including black trainers) will be asked to change into a pair of school shoes for the duration of the day. Please note that some shops sell shoes as ‘Back to School’ despite the fact that Longridge High School do not allow these. If you are unsure about whether something is acceptable, please check with the school before purchase.

School Bags

Pupils must have a bag large enough to carry books, equipment and A4 exercise books and  files. Handbags and tote bags are not suitable for daily school use and should not be used. They should have minimal decoration and be sturdy enough for daily use.

P.E Kit & Equipment


Boys & Girls:

Navy PE top with school logo
Navy Shorts with school logo
Navy and white PE Socks
Sports trainers


Boys & Girls:

Navy ¼ zip performance top with school logo
Navy slim track pants with school logo
(We advise all pupils to wear the optional
navy performance top during cold and wet

Rules on Appearance


The school has a  NO JEWELLERY policy. The only jewellery permitted is a wristwatch. For reasons of safety and security – no other jewellery is allowed – this includes piercings in ears, noses and tongues. If worn, they will be removed, placed in a sealed envelope and pupils or parents asked to collect it at the end of the school day.

Plasters/plastic retainers must not be worn to conceal piercings.

The only other form of additional jewellery allowed is a medical disc/bracelet.

Religious clothing

Some religions and beliefs require their members to conform to a specific dress code. Longridge High School does not discriminate against any religion or belief; however, the school must weigh the needs and rights of individual students against the cohesion and health and safety concerns of the entire school community. The school endeavours to allow most religious requirements to be met. Parental concerns and requests regarding religious clothing are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

General Rules

  • School skirts must sit on or below the knee (not rolled up or over the knee) and socks should sit on the knee (not over the knee).
  • School shirts should be tucked in to trousers/ skirts.
  • Extreme hairstyles are not allowed. This includes inappropriate colours, tip-dyed hair, cuts, extensions and braids. Hair accessories should be plain. Long hair should be tied back for practical lessons.
  • Make-up is not allowed. This includes nail varnish (including gel nails), fake tan, false eyelashes and false nails. Pupils will be asked to remove make-up, nails, eyelashes and fake tan in school.
  • Outdoor coats can be any colour, so long as they are plain. Leather or denim coats are not allowed. Hoodies are not allowed. Coats are to be worn on top of, not instead of blazers.

Items which are confiscated will only be returned at the end of term or if parents come into school personally to collect them.

Daily Equipment:

  • A refillable water bottle
  • At least two pens, black ink
  • A green pen for self-correction
  • Pencil, eraser and sharpener
  • 30cm ruler
  • Pupil planner

For Mathematics and Science, they will also need:

  • A scientific calculator (model CASIO FX – 83GTX) available through ParentPay (approximately £10)

For Art, they will also need:

  • A set of coloured pencils
  • Lead pencils: 2H, HB, 2B and 4B
  • A black fine liner pen (All available to buy through ParentPay)

 Mobile Phone Use

Mobile phones are NOT allowed to be used on the school site, including breaks and lunchtimes. Pupils must follow these simple rules:

  • Pupils can bring a mobile phone to school but they must be switched off and placed in their bag during the school day, not left in their blazers.
  • Mobiles should not be seen or heard inside or outside the school buildings.
  • If a pupil is found using their mobile phone at any time during the school day, they will be asked to give it to the teacher. They must not argue with this. The teacher will give their mobile to the Pastoral Office where it will be kept safe until the end of the day.
  • If they continue to use their mobile phone or refuse to hand it over, there will be further consequences.
  • If they need to contact a parent, in an emergency, they can ask the Pastoral Office to ring home.
  • Earphones/pods should not be seen during the school day. Pupils must keep them in their bag.

We reserve the right to confiscate a pupil’s mobile phone during the school day for an extended period of time, if we feel that a pupil has committed a serious misdemeanour. For example; an action that would endanger the safety of others or that constitutes inappropriate behaviour such as bullying. If it is reported that a pupil may have images of the school, other pupils or staff on their mobile phone, we reserve the right to check the content of the phone and delete these images in the presence of your child. If a pupil is found to have a mobile phone or similar communication technology in an examination room, this is a serious disciplinary issue. In this case, we reserve the right to keep the mobile phone or similar device until it can be checked for unfair practice.

Please note that the school’s insurance does not cover the loss of mobile telephone