Pastoral information

Our House System

In order to create a sense of community and evoke some healthy competition amongst pupils and staff, Longridge High School operates a House System.

Pupils are organised into 3 houses, each representing a famous hill from the local area:

Beacon – Head of House – Mr Anyon (PJA)

Fairsnape – Head of House – Miss Dobson (GLD)

Parlick – Head of House – Mr Booth (RMB)

Pupils are given the opportunity to represent their house in a wide range of activities including; inter-house sports competitions, Maths Challenges, Talent Competitions and much, much more. The vast selection of events reflects our intention to make our house system holistic and engaging; we aim to give everyone the chance to shine.

Pupils are also given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills within the house system. Year 11 pupils can apply for the role of House Captains and are at the fore-front of all events and activities. Younger pupils can also become vice-captains. 

Assembly Days

Year 7: Monday
Year 8: Tuesday
Year 9: Friday
Year 10: Thursday
Year 11: Wednesday

Heads of Year

Year 7: Mrs Jackson (RLJ)
Year 8: Miss Webster (KAW)
Year 9: Mr Mochan (CAM
Year 10: Miss Stemp (KAS)
Year 11: Mrs Taylor (NJT)