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GCSE 2022 Timetable

Click here to see the timetable for the current year 11 GCSE timetable for Summer 2022

Uniform List

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Admission Arrangements

To apply for a place at Longridge High School there is only one form to complete but you must follow the correct procedure. If your child is in Year 6 at a primary school you must complete a Local Authority form by 31st October.

You will receive details about the Local Authority form from the primary school that your child attends. On this form you will be asked to give THREE equal preferences for the three High schools that you would like your child to attend. However, if you want your child to attend this school, it is vital that you place Longridge High School as your highest preference on this Local Authority form because if you satisfy the admission criteria of all your three preference schools, you will be offered a place based on your highest preference school. The Local Authority want you to complete this form on-line but you can ask for a paper copy. If you do NOT complete this form, you will not be part of the admissions process.

If you want to apply for a place at any other time please contact the LCC Pupil Access Team. Please do not contact the school directly.